Beyond Coffee


Biodiversity  Conservation

Lunji boasts of an incredible  diversity of animal and plant species. It is our desire to preserve the natural conditions to sustain this  remarkable  ecosystem. Throughout the years we have been at the forefront in pursuing the replanting of indigenous trees on the farm, aswell as the bordering forest reserve. Measures are taken to battle bush fires and the deforestation of the Mbeya Range forest reserve. Our coffee production practices follow the guidelines given by the Tanzania Coffee Board, and a careful use of fertilizers and pest control agents is emphasised and practised. 

In addition Lunji premices frequently serve as a place for  NGO´s and governmental institutions to raise public awareness about nature conservation, HIV/Aids, etc.

A short list of some of the bird species that can be seen on the farm




-Hornbills (eg. Southern ground hornbill)


-Guinnea fowls




-Eagles (eg. Long Crested Eagle)