Beyond Coffee

 The coffee at Lunji

The discovery and spread of coffee to the middle east and europe, and  its contribution in changing societies is not a secret anymore. Here at Lunji however we are undergoing groundbreaking discoveries on how coffee intitially came to this part of Tanzania. The exchange of information and historical data with eyewitnesses or their descendants have made it possible to trace back the story behind the Farm, the fields and the coffee trees.

Towards the end of the 19th century german missionaries had imported seedlings from the Island of Bourbon (Today La Reunion) to East Africa. This Bourbon variety was then cultivated in the Morogoro district of Tanzania,  from where it was distributed across the country. Missionaries of the Herrnhuter Mission then introduced coffee to their mission station in Utengule, a settlement only 5km from Lunji.

The first coffee fields at Lunji were planted using this popular Bourbon variety.

The unique micro-climate and fertile soils at Lunji have favoured the production of high quality Arabica coffee eversince.

Over the years these fields have been replanted with numerous different varieties.  The mixture of several varieties and their consecutive characteristics give rise to a very complex and unique cup performance of Lunji coffee

 Harvest season


Our processing


Bourbon (SL28,N39, French Mission)

 Hand picked

 Typica (SL34, Blue Mountain)

 Fully Washed

 Catimor&Rume Sudan Hybrids

 Sun dried

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